Join us! Apply for #ESRI2018

The application period for the European Summer Research Institute 2018 (ESRI) is now open. We invite you to join us at this unique gathering on the Fraueninsel in Germany from 20-26 August.

This year’s theme – Kinship, Conflict and Compassion – will cover the evolutionary story about the development of a capacity that is probably unique to humans: the ability to connect. That ability, however, also comes with a tendency to create an “other”, and often create biases and conflict – as we can now witness at national and global levels. We will explore how to overcome this tendency and to enhance healthy and constructive connections through various approaches, including contemplative training.

We are delighted to have secured an accomplished world-class faculty, consisting of:

  • Prof. John D. Dunne – Distinguished Chair in Contemplative Humanities through the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Prof. Dr. Daniel Haun – Director Leipzig Research Center for Early Child Development
  • Prof. Dr. Bryce Huebner – Georgetown University / Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professor Department of Philosophy
  • Dr Cendri Hutcherson – Director Decision Neuroscience Laboratory, and Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Toronto
  • Dr. Anca Minescu – Faculty and Assistant Dean International – Psychology Department – University of Limerick / Master on Migration, Ethnic Relations and Multiculturalism
  • Prof. Andreas Olsson – Principal Investigator Associate Professor in Psychology, Karolinska Institutet, Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Division of Psychology
  • Prof. Dr. Tania Singer – Director Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences and Board member
  • Dr. Heather Grabbe – Director of the Open Society European Policy Institute and director of EU affairs
  • Prof. Nichola Raihani – UCL Department of Experimental Psychology / Human Evolution Research Themes – cooperation  human and behavioural ecology
  • Prof. Sabina Čehajić-Clancy – Sarajevo School of Science and Technology
  • Dr Masi Noor – Lecturer in Psychology, School of Psychology, Keele University
  • Velma Šarić – Founder and President Post-Conflict Research Center
  • Hanneli Ågotsdatter – Contemplative teacher
  • Charles Hastings – Contemplative teacher

Apply via our ESRI registration website. 

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