Mind and Life Europe organises special premiere From Business to Being

Dutch premiere From Business to Being and special Mind and Life Europe event at the Buddhist Film Festival Europe

Mindfulness has entered the business world with surprising results: the mind sciences create a new perspective for leadership to tackle the many challenges facing organisations in today’s world. In the current economic model we have lost our connection with nature and meaning. How can we transform this and enhance well-being for people and the planet?

On Sunday 1 October, Mind and Life Europe is organising a special event that will explore this topic further with the Dutch premiere of the highly acclaimed film ‘From Business to Being’ and a panel discussion with renowned speakers from business, spirituality and science: Dorothy Hillenius (Head of Digital Channels at ING Bank in Germany), Prof. dr. Hans Thijssen (Philosophy of Happiness, Radboud University), Muriel Arts (MF Flow & P2), Marcello Palazzi (CEO B-Corp) and Julian Wildgruber (director and producer From Business to Being).

The film From Business to Being provides fascinating insights into how mind-training practices help us imagine fresh approaches to business and organisations. The film touches, inspires discussion and above all encourages an honest look inside: Who am I? What inspires me? And how do I live and act accordingly?

Where Eye Filmmuseum Amsterdam

When Sunday 1 October 2017 13:00

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This event has been organised in cooperation with the Flow Impact Fund, Iona Stichting and B-Corp.

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